Festival46 at The Kings Head Theatre

It’s not yet too late to head over to Festival46 this week and catch the tail end of The Kings Head Theatre’s New Writing season. Bold and ambitious voices come together under the supportive roof of the The Kings Head, which recently won the Queens Jubilee Award in recognition for it’s work helping artists develop their careers. Over the past two weeks, the festival has featured 20 brand new shows, encompassing theatre, comedy and musical theatre. Here are our top picks for this week:

A Haunting, written by Nathan Lucky Wood and directed by Jennifer Davis, (a recent graduate of the King’s Head Trainee Resident Director Scheme) is a contemporary horror story about internet censorship. Mark, spends his evenings on Xbox, communicating with an ominous, faceless character from the other side. Phoebe written by A. C. Smith, depicts one young woman’s attempt to find her missing brother and save the neighbourhood fox from her murderous locals. Already enjoying a flurry of success, the show was shortlisted for the Adrian Pagan award and the Verity Bargate award last year.

Superman and Me, tells the story of one of popular cultures most rehashed couple Lois and Clark Kent. Writer Suzette Coon bring a new twist to their romance, as Lois grows independent and no longer needs Kent's superhero alterego to save her. Bewildered by what his own purpose and what it means to be a man, Clark Kent flounders. Wrangling with traditional gender roles and the part they play in our expectations in relationships, this play proves both a comical and desperate tale of love.

The Metropolist, 2016
Photo of Festival46 at The Kings Head Theatre