Winifred Knights at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Arty types will have heard of The Deluge (1920). Hung in the Tate, this is the work that made Winifred Knights name. However, she died in relative obscurity and during her lifetime, she was never exhibited by herself. Moreover, since her death, there hasn’t been a single retrospective of her work.

Declared a genius aged just 21, Knights was marked out for great things, afterall she had one of the most original and pioneering styles of the 20th century: fusing Italian Early Renaissance artists with angular Vorticist modernity. Knights really does bring something different to the table and it still feels fresh today.

Her major works were supported by exquisite and numerous studies that show a steely determination and extreme attention to detail. This exhibition will reunite her five most famous works and nearly 120 intricate preparatory studies, illustrations and portraits for the first time since their creation. Provide a true insight into the artistic processes of this incredibly talented and under-appreciated woman artist, all of which makes Dulwich Picture Gallery’s exquisite new exhibition a revelation.

The Metropolist, 2016
Photo of Winifred Knights at Dulwich Picture Gallery