64 popcorns – Shantaram by David Gregory Roberts

I have seen a great many people with this novel tucked under their arm and have been intrigued by it's 'unputdownable' reviews. It was recommended by a friend as a novel for times when you need uncomplicated distraction, and this is exactly what it was. Some of the writing is annoying as Roberts doesn't so much capture a mood as annihilate it with enthusiastic descriptive overkill: 'our tongues writhed in their caves of pleasure'. The main character (based on Roberts himself) can also have bouts of such modesty the whole book can seems like one long humble brag. However, it had pace, and mystery and though it could have been 300 pages shorter, I was happily entertained and distracted by the story.

Photo of 64 popcorns – Shantaram by David Gregory Roberts